• Effective management for challenging times

    Times are tough for many managers as we attempt to navigate today’s challenging and competitive business environment. To successfully make our way through these challenging times, it’s important to have a toolkit of positive and effective management techniques and at CiC’s latest breakfast seminar, clients will have the opportunity toRead More

  • The impact of trauma and critical incidents on volunteers

    Kate Nowlan, CiC Chief Executive, is pleased to be included in a new publication that reviews the impact of trauma and critical incidents on the professionals and volunteers who are involved in helping victims. Je suis victime, l’incroyable exploitation du trauma is published by Philipe Duval – click here forRead More

  • The good way to break bad news

    Most of us, at some point in our management careers, are going to have to break some bad news to an employee or colleague. But don’t worry, it is possible to deliver bad news in a good way, according to Kate Nowlan, CiC’s chief executive in an article recently publishedRead More

  • Promoting mental health in construction

    In an exclusive interview with UK Construction Media, CiC chief executive, Kate Nowlan, discusses resilience and how employers in the sector can promote good mental health within the construction world. “Enhancing emotional resilience within an organisation will not reduce stress or improve mental health overnight, but as part of aRead More

  • CiC: celebrating 25 years

    Over the last 25 years, CiC has established a strong reputation for expert clinical delivery, providing counselling and therapeutic support for thousands of employees across all business and industry sectors. Today, CiC looks after more than 400,000 people in the UK alone and is rapidly expanding its international client base,Read More

  • EAEF Conf. 2015: Workplace Duty of Care – the Role of EAPs

    Join the Employee Assistance European Forum (EAEF) at their 2015 conference in Madrid to discuss duty of care in the workplace and the role of EAPs. The event boasts a range of international experts and speakers, discussing a range of topics, including: Why the EAP is crucial to survivor syndromeRead More

  • How employers can boost employees’ emotional resilience

    According to Kate Nowlan, CiC’s Chief Executive, resilience is the capacity to turn adversity into possibility and in many ways, emotional resilience is an attitude to the people, places and things that people are faced with. It’s the ability to deal with life as it is, not as you mightRead More

  • CiC survey reveals what’s causing us the most stress

    A survey by CiC into the factors that are causing people the most stress at the moment has revealed some interesting results about the range of issues we’re managing and which have the potential to impact on our personal and professional lives. “Pressure of work is the overwhelming issue forRead More

  • Trust Women: helping us to better help the helpers

    “Attending Trust Women last week was an opportunity for me to find out so much more about the issue of human trafficking and slavery that exists in the modern world,” said Kate Nowlan, Chief Executive of CiC. “The issues, images and information that were shared at the conference are soRead More

  • Trust Women: supporting womens’ rights around the world

    CiC Chief Executive, Kate Nowlan, is attending Trust Women in London on 18 and 19 November 2014, a conference that brings together women’s rights campaigners and top decision makers in the fields of law, finance, business, technology and government. Participants at this year’s event will be invited to take actionRead More

  • World Mental Health Day First ever NHS waiting time standards for mental health announced

    Please visit the Mental Health Foundation website for more information

  • The stress of leadership – Kate Nowlan talks at Major Projects Association event

    CiC Chief Executive, Kate Nowlan, recently presented at a seminar on ‘the stress of leadership’ hosted by the Major Projects Association. The event, which took place in June 2014, brought together a range of speakers to assess the stressful role of project managers and leaders, reviewing the responsibilities they undertakeRead More