Conflict is a part of life. While we tend to think of it in the context of wars, legal disputes, strikes and politics, it occurs in the everyday situations faced by individuals, families, communities, companies and every kind of organisation. It embraces any situation where we meet obstacles in achieving everything we want. Conflict does not always arrive by choice – very often it comes to us. However, we do have choices as to how to deal with it. CIC’s mediation and conflict resolution courses are designed to guide you through these difficult choices.

In any workplace conflict is inevitable as it a natural part of communication between people. It is how we respond to and handle that conflict that makes it a positive or negative experience. Up to 30% of a typical manager’s time can be spent dealing with conflict. It is important to offer mediation at an early opportunity so hopefully avoid grievances or other procedures.

Often the issues are too complex to handle internally so our external mediators offer impartiality, confidentiality and advanced skills in order to attempt mediation without potentially causing harm therefore increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

CiC’s bank of experienced Mediators have all trained in Professional Workplace Mediation, accredited by the Mediators Institute of Ireland. We provide facilitators with wide experience and understanding of the mediation and resolution process both in the public and private sectors, from Universities and Schools, to Law Firms, local councils, care trusts, International News Agencies and International Charities.

CiC is registered with the Civil Mediation Council, thereby ensuring that all our Mediators follow an appropriate code of conduct and are sensitive to diversity, equality and anti-discrimination and
confidentiality issues.

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We also provide professionally accredited conflict resolution and mediation training courses for those interested in becoming a mediator.

In addition, if you are in favour of mediation in the workplace but want to develop, re-train or obtain accreditation for your own in-house team you may be interested in our 5-day (35 hours) internal mediation training course, which is a professional level course developed and recognised by the CMC for Registered Status.

To deliver the best possible content CiC have joined forces with Buon Consultancy, one of the leading mediation training providers in the UK, to offer this internal workplace mediation skills training.

Created specifically for the workplace setting and utilising a blend of interactive role play, peer coaching and case-study based discussion, the course provides  a comprehensive skills training for anyone wishing to  gain competency in mediating workplace conflict as part of an internal mediation team.

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