CiC Autumn Seminar: Mediation and conflict resolution

Conflict can arise in many forms and is an inevitable part of work. No matter how harmonious your organisation may be, it contains human beings who, by their very nature, have a tendency to clash and as a result, up to 40% of a typical manager’s time can be spent dealing with conflict.

Delegates at CiC’s most recent seminar in November 2012 experienced first hand the latest thinking and methods to handle conflict in the workplace and how to employ successful mediation skills, methods and strategies.

“Workplace mediation and conflict resolution is now seen as an essential skill for HR professionals and is the fastest growing area of professional development in modern HR practice,” says CiC consultant, Tony Buon, who led the seminar.

In fact, a survey conducted by Price Waterhouse and Cornell’s PERC Institute on Conflict Resolution of 530 Fortune 1000 companies stated that 90% of respondents view conflict management as a critical cost-control technique and 88% of respondents reported using mediation in the last three years.