At CiC we’ve been in the business of employee well-being and mental health at work for over 26 years. If there is any organisation you can trust to put the interests of your company and its employees first it is us. We’re an ethical company focused on the well-being of both our customers and the people that work for them, from employees, to volunteers, agency workers and even family members.

CiC is simply put, the best niche’ market provider of employee psychological care, we aim to keep your people happy, healthy, motivated and successful. We employ some of the most skilled clinicians available throughout the world, wherever our work takes us, even though we are based in the UK, we serve multinational organisations on a daily basis, helping their people around the world.

Our aim at CiC is to provide best value EAP solutions to help keep your workforce at their best, unlike many of our competitors we are small enough to listen while still being big enough to get the job done well. Whatever it takes we will work with you to succeed.