CiC recognises that every company, irrespective of its size, has a responsibility to the community and environment in which it does business. We believe that our organisation must exist in ethical equilibrium with its surroundings. We aim to achieve this by ploughing time, talent and skills back into the environment that sustains us. In doing so, we promise to do all that we can to help create a better and richer world than the one we inherited.

We will always aim to meet and where possible exceed the standards set down by law

In all our activities CiC will seek to:

  • promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and minimise environmental pollution and waste in all of its activities
  • treat staff, customers, suppliers and all those it contacts in way of business fairly, equally and without discrimination
  • conduct its business in line with recognised ethical principles.

In order to achieve this CiC will:

  • conduct itself as a social enterprise and hold under review means to further that commitment
  • maintain, operate within and continually develop a sound environmental policy
  • permit staff reasonable time from their business responsibilities to volunteer their expertise into endeavours for the social good
  • allow staff to work in support of professional bodies and organisation and for the development of the profession
  • operate a profit sharing scheme to ensure that all employees have a stake in the success of the company which depends upon their endeavours
  • work in partnership with ethically oriented suppliers and business partners and make this a factor in the selection of such suppliers and partners
  • work with suppliers and partners, where possible and consistent with other policy requirements, from within the local community
  • encourage and support charitable enterprises aligned with the company’s ethical stance and interests where possible, by financial contribution, supply of service or in the value of goods rendered in kind
  • consider favourably the maintenance of supply of service without payment in cases of social need
  • focus support on the local community in which we are based
  • work towards reporting our progress on our corporate website.