Organisations and their employees face unprecedented pressure from constant change in the modern world. Increased competition, longer hours, heavier workloads and a precarious economic climate all contribute to feelings of uncertainty, stress and overload. On the home front, the gradual erosion of social support networks and the increasing fragility of intimate relationships can leave people feeling isolated and vulnerable. All of these factors leave people unable to perform at their best.

CiC helps its client companies in several key ways.

Clinical support
We help both employees and managers address any difficulties that arise, both at home and at work. Our support services range from telephone and face-to-face counselling to mediation and critical incident support.

Wellbeing promotion
We promote staff wellbeing by helping employees and managers identify potential challenges and deal with them before they become disruptive. This we do through corporate consultancy, bespoke training programmes and seminars, regular helphsheets and on-line learning.

Risk management
Staff problems at work often remain suppressed and hidden until they erupt into significant crises such as sickness absence or litigation claims, which can have a serious impact on the performance of an organisation. A 2002 Court of Appeal ruling held that any employer who offers a confidential counselling service to staff with access to treatment is unlikely to be found in breach of duty in stress compensation claims.

Cost reduction
All of the published studies on the economic costs and benefits of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) have reported that they at least cover their costs. Moreover, some studies have found substantially positive cost-benefit ratios. Any investment made is often more than made up for by improved productivity, morale and reduced absenteeism.