Is Confidential Care really confidential?
Yes. Confidentiality is at the heart of Confidential Care and our telephone advisors and counsellors are bound by their professional Code of Ethics. The only information given to your organisation will be of a limited statistical nature and will not identify individuals.

When you contact Confidential Care, the only information you have to provide is the name of the organisation for whom you work. You do not have to give your name or department and you do not need to tell anybody else that you have used the service unless you wish to do so.

If you are offered counselling, we will need to take details of your name and address. Appointments can be offered outside normal working hours to allow you to preserve confidentiality.

Is it really free?
Yes. The Confidential Care service has been paid for by your organisation and is completely free of charge to you.

However, if you are referred on to a specialist organisation, require longer term counselling or choose to select services outside the scope of Confidential Care, there may be some costs involved which you will have to meet yourself.

How often can I use Confidential Care?
To obtain general information and support, you can use Confidential Care as much as you want to – there is no limit to the amount of calls you can make. However, in most cases, referrals to face-to-face counselling will normally only be made once within a 12 month period.

If I use Confidential Care, does that mean that I do not have to discuss personal concerns with my line manager?
As Confidential Care is completely independent from your organisation, we do not replace your HR department or line manager. You may, however, find it helpful to discuss issues with your manager as well as with Confidential Care if they are affecting your wellbeing.

Can my manager make me contact the service?
No. Use of the service is completely voluntary. However, your manager may recommend or encourage you to call.