EAPA Mock Workplace Mediation Event

Thursday 11th October 2018
2:00 – 4:00 pm

Hosted by: Garden Court Chambers
57‐60 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3LJ

Workplace Mediation is one of the newer forms of mediation and has become increasingly popular in the UK. The
types of issues covered are varied but may include; bullying and harassment, team conflict, interpersonal differences,
disputes over resources, manager/employee conflict and issues related to grievance handling. Workplace mediation,
while similar to other forms of mediation, does have unique characteristics.

This event will feature live vignettes of a “mock mediation” and aims to inform people about the practices and
potential of Workplace Mediation in the UK. Mock mediations are shortened, imitation mediations with all the roles
(mediator, parties) performed by experienced mediators. Many HR and other professionals may not have seen an
actual mediation themselves and this will allow them to experience it first‐hand.

This event will be presented by The Employee Assistance Professional’s Association UK (EAPA)

Mediation Awareness Week starts on Saturday 6th October and finishes on 12th October 2018. The aim of
Mediation Awareness Week is to increase awareness of the benefits of mediation in all areas of business, the
professions, and in the wider community. For more information visit http://www.mediationawarenessweek.uk/

Free Bookings Only Via Eventbrite (only 35 places available)

Panel Facilitator: Tony Buon
Mock Participants/Players:

Andrew Kinder, Clinical Director Help Employee Assistance
Timmy Kurtuldum, Mediation Manager, CiC (supporting organisations)
Amanda Smith, Head of Health & Wellbeing @ Work, Mersey Care NHS Trust

There will be a panel discussion following the mock mediation

For further information, contact tony@buon.net or EAPA (UK) at info@eapa.org.uk