During 2018 CiC has continued to develop its Global Trauma Support programme, and has provided training workshops to support Duty of Care initiatives with various organisations including media agencies exposed to stressful and traumatic situations across the globe. We have delivered training modules in conflict zones and high stress regions in Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East and continue to respond to requests for bespoke programmes that reflect the culture of the particular organisation.

We understand from our work with media agencies that it can be hard for journalistic and editorial staff who are posted to hostile environments, conflict zones or to regions where natural disasters have occurred to understand how their mind and body will react in situations that they are likely to face while in the field. The same applies to the NGOs we look after and we now regularly deliver courses to help provide information, training and self-care material to help journalists and fieldworkers overseas keep themselves resilient – both physically and mentally. We are also aware that the stressors involved in working for a large corporate organisation or an NGO with particular employee demands can add to the vicarious trauma symptoms often experienced by those working in challenging environments.

We have provided specialist trauma modules to various hostile environment trainings where delegates learn how to physically manage life in a conflict zone, first aid techniques and the importance of cybersecurity, and this affords a great opportunity to remind participants of the comprehensive 24/7 clinical service that is available for them in all languages. This service includes a hotline to our London office, and access to expert clinicians for psychological support in regions across the world. It has been a privilege this year to deliver workshops in Africa, Thailand, India, Poland and the US and we have had the opportunity to publicise the growing peer support programmes that CiC has introduced to some client organisations. The peer network stands alongside the professional support offered by CiC, and for those who prefer to speak with an experienced colleague in the first instance this can be an enormously important bridge to psychological support.

Our comprehensive Global Trauma Support Programme has been in place for over 10 years, and is increasingly valued by clients who are now highly conscious of the emotional toll that their staff can experience when away from home on assignment.

For more details or an initial discussion on our trauma, stress & resilience programmes, please contact our Training Manager by completing the form below, or call 0207 937 6224, or email harry.key@cic-eap.co.uk.

For more details or an initial discussion on our trauma, stress & resilience programmes, contact our Training Manager, Harry, by completing the form below, call 0207 937 6224, or email harry.key@cic-eap.co.uk