Improving psychological wellbeing in the NHS

In a recent article published online in theHRDirector, BCH’s deputy chief officer for workforce development, Sara Brown, describes the hospital’s recently improved package of health and wellbeing activities and the successes they have seen in providing an improved psychological wellbeing service in partnership with employee wellbeing experts, CiC.

Staff at the hospital were under pressure and working with CiC has provided an important outlet for people to talk about and deal with the challenges that their work presents.

Notably, in the hospital’s staff survey of 2013, 40% of employees said they had experienced work-related stress in the past 12 months; in 2015, following the introduction of the counselling support and other wellbeing activities with CiC, this had fallen to 34%. And in the period from 1 November 2014 to the end October 2015, 11% of employees had used the CiC service at some stage.

You can read the full article here at The HR Director.