Global Stress and Trauma Support Programme

Stress and trauma can strike organisations in many different ways, especially in international environments. CiC understands that careful preparation and prevention are every bit as important as rapid and effective response. Because of this, our ground-breaking international EAP takes a powerful three-pronged approach to international employee trauma support, combining 24 hour telephone support, face-to-face clinical interventions and innovative learning and development packages. Peer support initiatives can be included in the holistic initiative.

International Employee Assistance Programmes

Organisations are increasingly offering equivalent benefits to their employees wherever they are based. Staff who are either sent overseas on short assignments or who are taking up contracts away from home for a few years are entitled to the employee support they enjoy when home based, and companies are keen to provide specialist international EAP support to ‘trailing spouses’ and families where possible.

Peer Support Programme

A natural add-on to to our professional 24/7 international employee support and global trauma helplines is a well-trained and managed team of peer supporters who have had similar experiences to colleagues and can offer help and support from lived experience. Sometimes it is easier to talk to an understanding peer about stressful or traumatic experiences than to a mental health professional or manager and can be an invaluable first step to seeking expert psychological help at a later stage if indicated.

Essential Preparation for Assignments Overseas

Whether your staff are travelling overseas on their first posting or are experienced with global assignments there are always things to learn as new risks become apparent across the world. CiC’s instructors can equip employees with a toolbox of proven methods and techniques to enhance safety and build a resilient approach.