Whether your staff are travelling overseas on their first posting or are experienced with global assignments, expatriate training and development is a key factor as there are always things to learn as new risks become apparent across the world.

CiC instructors are specialists in managing expatriates on international assignments and can equip employees with a toolbox of proven methods and techniques to enhance safety and build a resilient approach.

Our overseas assignment support services can range from choosing a hotel room and hailing a taxi at the airport to guidance on living and working in challenging or hostile environments. We offer bespoke courses for individuals and teams while they are employed abroad in unfamiliar surroundings.


Using this service your employees can . . .

  • Develop an understanding and awareness of dangers they may face
  • Gain knowledge of how to take suitable precautions
  • Understand human reactions to a crisis
  • Identify early signs of stress and trauma.


Using this service will mean your employees . . .

  • Ensure pre-travel practical arrangements are in place
  • Will know how to stay safe when out and about
  • Can learn about navigation and orientation – finding way to key rendezvous points in emergency
  • Can qualify for a Certificate in First Aid training.

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