Organisations are increasingly offering equivalent benefits to their employees wherever they are based. With CiC’s international employee services, you can provide worldwide employee and family assistance to staff who are either sent overseas on short assignments or who are taking up contracts away from home for a few years. Many companies are keen to provide specialist global EAP support to ‘trailing spouses’ and families where possible.

The CiC Global EAP programme ensures worldwide employee and family assistance 24/7.  Our international employee services provide specialist telephone and clinical support , with interventions provided in most languages – which also ensures that local staff have access to high quality professional help.


Using this CiC’s International EAP will mean your employees . . .

  • Access a 24/7 helpline from across the globe via phone, email, Skype etc.
  • Speak to experts in their region in language of choice
  • Engage in pre-assignment training delivered by CiC
  • Continue to receive support from the UK-based EAP.


Using this service will mean your employees . . .

  • Feel valued by the organisation when away from home
  • Can access the service for family support – both for emotional and practical issues – ensuring smooth transition to a new culture
  • Receive ongoing clinical support in their new place of work where needed.

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