A natural add-on to a professional 24/7 helpline is a managed, well trained peer support training program. Our well-trained, peer support services team, who have had similar experiences to colleagues and can offer help and support from lived experience. Sometimes it is easier to talk to an understanding peer about stressful or traumatic experiences than to a mental health professional or manager and can be an invaluable first step to seeking expert psychological help at a later stage if indicated.

The benefits of a peer support training programme are well documented and have become firmly embedded in the emergency services, NGOs, media organisations and other high risk organisations. CiC offers a high quality peer support training programme to companies across sectors, enabling staff to support each other and thus enhancing resilience and wellbeing at all levels.


Using CiC’s peer support training and services, your employees can . . .

  • Receive support and understanding from someone who has insight and listening skills and who understands the organisation from the inside
  • Access emotional and practical help from a trusted and trained group of peers
  • Take part in a comprehensive training programme that enables volunteers within an organisation to deliver appropriate and effective support.


Using this service will mean your employees . . .

  • Will be able to contact a peer supporter from a pool of trained volunteers
  • Will identify positive coping mechanisms and build resilience
  • Will be able to participate in skills training modules.


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