In May, our Training & International Development Manager, Harry Key, travelled to Naivasha, Kenya to deliver a session on Journalistic stress and trauma for Reuters at their Hostile Environment training course.

It can often be hard for journalistic and editorial staff who are posted to hostile environments – such as riots, warzones, ambushes and dangerous driving situations – to understand how their mind and body will react in situations that they are likely to face while in the field. CiC regularly attend these courses to help provide information, training and practises to help journalists overseas keep themselves safe and healthy – both physically and mentally.

In addition to learning how to physically manage hostile environments, learning first aid and the importance of cybersecurity for journalists, delegates are introduced to CiC and the services that we can offer them.

We take part in as much of the course as possible, giving psychological insight where appropriate and then have a sit down training session that we deliver. We then introduce delegates to a peer from the Reuters network and explain how we collaborate with them to support staff wherever they are in the world as part of our Global Trauma Support Programme.

These courses are a great opportunity for us to engage, in person, with the editorial staff we support and along with delivering group sessions we make ourselves available for one-to-one conversations where delegates can speak about their experiences both on and off the course. This allows us to introduce one-to-one psychological support to delegates and give them a feel for what it is like, this further breaks down the stigma of ‘asking for help’ and ‘seeing a shrink’.

CiC have recently attended a Reuters HET course in Bangkok and Harry will be attending the next course this September in the Catskill Mountains, New York.

Additionally, CiC have delivered other sessions as part of the Reuters Global Trauma Support Programme in New York, Washington DC, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Cairo, Dubai, Johannesburg, Beirut, Moscow, Kiev, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Toronto, Delhi, Bangalore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Kabul, Baghdad, Islamabad, Nairobi, Dakar, Lagos and London with a trip to Poland planned for October.

For more information on our Training Services, contact Harry by completing the form below, call 0207 937 6224, or email