Research indicates that people who are well prepared for unexpected crises and catastrophic incidents tend to be far more resilient when disaster strikes and less deeply affected in the long run.

There is also evidence to suggest that while many organisations have practical crisis contingency plans on file, far fewer actually think through and prepare for the human impact that unexpected events can have on their staff.

CiC’s business continuity service can equip your organisation to face any eventuality with minimal disruption to productivity and performance. While it is crucial to work out the practicalities, we also believe that no plan can be workable if it does not take into account the range of possible emotional responses that you and your staff may experience. We also know that teams need continuous support before, during and after unexpected events if they are to emerge as a coherent and productive whole.

Before a crisis
In collaboration with our partners at Security Exchange, an independent advisory and resource management service for the security industry, we can help you prepare or update the practical details of your organisation’s contingency plans. We can also conduct thorough table-top exercises that will both stress-test and future-proof the measures that you have in place to deal with crisis.

In addition, CiC delivers seminars and workshops on a range of subjects that give organisations and individuals the psychological tools to be ready for traumatic events, ahead of time. Trainings include:

  • Preparing for the unexpected
  • Human continuity
  • Stress management
  • Coping with trauma
  • Breaking bad news

During a crisis
We have the capacity to activate an emergency helpline as soon as your organisation is hit by an unexpected crisis. Our highly-trained Critical Incident Support staff are also on 24/7 standby for direct on-site clinical support.

After a crisis
CiC can help organisations get back on their feet after an unexpected event with a combination of group interventions, individual counselling and organisational training. All of these trainings can be adapted for an audience of either employees or managers. Go to Learning and Development for further details