CiC’s E-Learning resources combine many of the content and features of the face-to-face training with total accessibility. E-Learning is an invaluable tool both for those who have attended trainings and wish to refresh their learning, and those who wish to pass training on to their teams.

It is particularly useful for organisations whose workforce may be located across widespread geographical regions and enables those unable to attend training days to access in-depth information and guidance.

E-Learning is also an invaluable back-up to clinical support, offering users useful online assistance and direction in stress management, self-care, wellbeing promotion and trauma support.

We are fully equipped to develop E-Learning packages either for groups of companies or for an individual organisation. CiC has established a formal working relationship with The Media School at Bournemouth University, a partnership that sets us at the cutting edge of the very latest E-Learning technology and expertise.

In addition to our E-Learning, we have a collection of up-to-date and useful blogs. Giving you helpful advice and tips to managing your overall business wellbeing, both for your employees and most importantly yourself.