If you’re travelling abroad for business or preparing employees for an overseas assignment, you need to be prepared for the unexpected, challenging situations that you may experience.

CiC’s new training programme, Essential preparation for assignments overseas,combines psychological preparation and mental robustness training with tried and tested practical techniques to keep you and your team safe.  The two elements bought together in a neat package ensures you have carried out the best ‘Duty of Care’ for your employees.

“The better you can prepare an employee for the unexpected when they’re travelling overseas on business, the more resilient they will be,” said Kate Nowlan, CiC’s chief executive.

“Our new training programme combines the practical skills and awareness that will enhance individual safety together with the knowledge and understanding of stress and trauma, giving employees a thorough understanding of the psychological and emotional impact of the challenging and stressful situations they may experience while they’re away.”

The CiC programme covers a range of topics, including:

  • Pre-travel preparation – risk assessments, research, documentation, equipment, contingency planning and managing your personal affairs.
  • Resilience, stress and trauma – early signs of stress and promoting resilience in challenging environments.
  • Situation awareness – ‘switching on’ to surroundings and staying safe when you’re out and about. From your port of entry via taxis to your hotel and workplace.
  • Body language and personal security – understanding how you look, speak and behave impacts on your personal safety.
  • Medical and first aid training – realistic scenario-based training to help you deal with situations where help may not be immediately available. All delegates are also awarded an Emergency First Aid Certificate as standard.
  • Navigation and orientation – finding your way about and basic navigation skills.
  • Vehicle security – searching vehicles and controlling your driver.

Well trained, self-reliant staff reflect well on any organisation and this course is designed to keep employees safe when employed abroad and in unfamiliar surroundings.  Theory is consolidated with exciting practical scenarios to reinforce the key learning points.

The training is flexible and agile; it can be delivered at a time and location that suits you and even delivered in separate modules for busier clients. Or you can send your staff on established residential courses.

To find out more about Essential preparation for assignments overseas email training@cic-eap.co.uk or download the brochure.