“Up to 30% of a typical manager’s time can be spent dealing with conflict.”

“Office workers spend more than two and a half hours per week trying to resolve conflict.”

“Poorly managed conflict costs £24 billion every year.”


What is Mediation?

In any workplace conflict is inevitable as it a natural part of communication between people. It is how we respond to and handle that conflict that makes it a positive or negative experience.  Poorly managed conflict not only costs an organisation financially but it wastes valuable time, hurts productivity, leads to sickness absence and impacts greatly on an organisations ability to achieve strategic goals.

Why CiC?

On Site in 3 Working Days

Avoid Formal Procedures

Retain Ownership of a Situation

Confidential/Impartial/Informal Service

Increased Employee Wellbeing

Dedicated Account Manager

Civil Mediation Council Registered Panel of Mediators

CiC is a leading conflict management and accredited workplace mediation provider. Our  mediators offer impartiality, confidentiality and advanced skills in order to facilitate mediation without causing harm therefore increasing the likelihood of a successful and sustainable outcome.

Our comprehensive courses and mediation provision helps to improve employee relationships, increase productivity and reduce the costs and time of formal procedures within organisations.

CiC is registered with the Civil Mediation Council, thereby ensuring that all our Mediators follow an appropriate code of conduct and are sensitive to diversity, equality and anti-discrimination and confidentiality issues.

CiC’s bank of experienced Mediators have all trained in Professional Workplace Mediation, accredited by the Mediators Institute of Ireland. We provide mediators and facilitators with wide experience and understanding of the mediation and resolution process both in the public and private sectors, from Universities and Schools, to Law Firms, local councils, care trusts, International News Agencies and International Charities.

Our Specialist Services

Mediation & Team Facilitation Services

FREE Meditation Awareness Session

Internal Mediation Training

Conflict Resolution Courses for Managers

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“Thank you for the prompt consolidation of what was a very difficult but meaningful and positive day. I cannot thank your team enough; at the start of the day I was doubtful that agreement would be possible to be honest. I thought it quite likely that I might have to proceed to a grievance against my colleague. I am very glad to have aired my views and concerns and to feel there is a defined path forward. Thank you.”
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“Thank you very much for this. I would like to take the opportunity to thank both mediators for their work yesterday. It was a very long and a very tough day and it was handled with great compassion and professionalism and even inspired me to want to be a mediator one day. It felt like such a gift to be heard and understood.”
University College London

Frequently Asked Questions

Follow this link to visit our Mediation F.A.Q page.

The Business Case for Mediation

UK statistics show that office workers spend more than two and a half hours per week trying to resolve conflict. So how much is conflict costing your organisation? Mediation offers a quick, effective and informal solution to avoid costly time consuming formal procedures. To support your business case for mediation please see our documents below.

A Guide to Mediation in the Workplace – download here.

Positioning Mediation – A Guide for Managers – download here.

Statement of Ethics to Mediation – download here.

European Code of Conduct for Mediators – download here.

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