The Problem

Many employees working with CiC have recognised that early stage identification and effective conflict management skills can lead to successful resolution.

Conflict is a part of life and embraces any situation where we meet obstacles in achieving everything we want. Conflict does not always arrive by choice but we do have choices as to how to deal with it.

Conflict management, or conflict resolution are terms that relate to the skills required to manage and resolve disagreements, differences of opinion and differences in working

With Managers spending up to 30% of their time trying to deal with conflict alongside their daily work, it not only puts additional stress on them but also wastes valuable time and energy. How Managers identify and deal with conflict can make or break a business. It is essential therefore to have the necessary skills and support system in place.

The Effect

Conflict costs billions of pounds every year.

Without successful intervention, situations can escalate to a more entrenched and challenging extent. This directly impacts team morale, productivity, performance, sickness absence and engagement.

There are increased financial costs to the organisation and time costs associated with the more formal HR and legal procedures which may have to be implemented as a result of not recognising the early stage signs or simply choosing to avoid the situation completely.

It is essential to be able to recognise, manage and resolve team conflict and create more positive outcomes.

The Solution

CiC have developed a focused training programme for Managers and HR professionals to enable them to effectively and confidently manage conflict. From identifying key triggers that can cause conflict through to managing aggressive behaviour and volatile situations. This training programme will help managers to potentially tackle difficult conversations and situations competently.