One of the most effective ways in which employees can attempt to resolve their differences and conflicts is through Workplace Mediation. However it is not in the best interests of staff for mediation to be conducted by inexperienced and untrained people.

For this reason many organisations are developing and training internal teams of voluntary mediators with great success. These internal teams are ideally placed to deal with most issues at any early and less complex stage and help colleagues to attempt to resolve their conflicts in a safe and informal setting.

CiC offers a professionally accredited 5 day Mediation Training Course. We support you in the recruitment and selection process of internal applicants. This course is designed for co-mediation meaning the mediation is done in pairs which offers the advantage of support and also the opportunity to provide two representative people to suitably cover the conflict.

Created specifically for the workplace setting and utilising a blend of interactive role play, peer coaching and case-study based discussion, the course provides a comprehensive skills training for anyone wishing to gain competency in mediating workplace conflict as part of an internal mediation team. It is important to remember however that internal mediators leave behind their usual job role when they are facilitating mediations and must remain impartial and keep everything confidential.

The course can be spread over a suitable time frame for the organisation to minimize time out of the office. The course is accredited by the Mediators Institute of Ireland MII and the Civil Mediation Council.

Additional to this expert training, CiC can provide supervision and support for your team on internal mediators to enable them to perform in this role.

For further information you can download our Mediation Training Brochure here.