No organisation can function well if a part of it is not working. Group sessions provide a safe space for a team that is experiencing difficulties to reflect on itself, in a contained setting, with an experienced and impartial group facilitator. The facilitator’s task is to draw attention to styles of relating and differing assumptions and then to help the group think about solutions.

Group sessions offer a unique opportunity to observe a microcosm of the organisation in action. They can yield deeper common understandings as well as fresh and more productive ways of relating. Often the group will want to define how it will work in future and an agreed set of actions may be the chosen outcome. Sometimes it will be clear that conflicts between individuals need to be separately resolved and this can be organised.

Group Facilitation is intended to create an environment within which the participants can:

  • Take responsibility for the outcomes they want
  • Be honest and open in their communication with each other
  • Talk about the real issues
  • Trust in each other to take risks and try out new ideas and ways of approaching things
  • Learn and grow within the framework of the organisation or work group
  • Use good interpersonal process skills
  • Care about each other’s place within the group and value each other’s contribution

Individual Meetings

The Facilitated Process will begin one to one meetings with each of the team members for up to 40 minutes. These conversations are intended to give each person an opportunity to say something about the issues that need attention and how they see the way forward. It is also an opportunity for each person to gain a sense of how comfortable they feel working with the Facilitators and to ask questions about the process. The meetings also give the facilitators an opportunity to hear from each person and get a sense of how the conflict or problem is impacting upon each person and the team as a whole.

From here the facilitator will make an assessment as to what type of process is best suited to the issues and the team and make a more detailed recommendation based upon this going forward. This may involve a group process with everyone or other meetings between various group members.

Team Meeting

When the recommendations have been made it is anticipated that the large joint session will take place for a full day. The team will work together to find agreeable ways to move forward and work together.

The process:

  • Contact us to discuss the situation
  • Complete a simple referral form – available to download here
  • Provide some appropriate date options
  • Facilitation booked
  • Individual Team Meetings and recommendations
  • Take responsibility for the outcomes they want

CiC’s team of professional CMC registered mediators offer impartiality, confidentiality and advanced skills to conduct mediation and facilitation.