CiC has decades of experience delivering tailored training programmes to organisations and their employees, topics range across the board related to all areas of mental health, soft skills, wellbeing and emotional resilience.

More recently we have promoted the availability of all our course topics for delivery via webinar,  ranging from mindfulness webinars to stress awareness and management webinars, using either your organisational web conferencing facilities or our own (at no additional cost).

CiC’s decision to deliver learning via Webinar has been put in place because of the large demand for shorter, ‘lunch and learn’ style trainings, where our customers face the challenge of getting as many people in from of a learning opportunity without disrupting their working day too much or if they are facing geographic difficulties, with teams spread out across multiple sites.

We have already adapted most of our more popular topics into Webinar Delivery format, and have a good choice of expert trainers used to delivery via web conferencing facilities, in addition our Webinars include technical support, pre-testing on your IT platforms and comprehensive joining instructions as well as both phone in and PC audio options.

Features and Benefits

  • CiC’s webinar training content can customised to your requirements and we have a wide selection of popular topics ready to go, including Wellbeing, Emotional Resilience, Stress and Anxiety and Mindfulness
  • Up to 200 attendees can join, as opposed to the 15-20 group limits in face to face learnings. More can be accommodated depending on demand
  • No trainer’s travel expenses to pay or other related logistics to bother with
  • The entire webinar will be recorded and provided to you after the event, so that those who could not attend can still benefit. We will also include download links for the trainers PowerPoint slides for those who want them
  • We can include pre-registration requirements, so that you can establish in advance which of your employees will be attending
  • We can include attendee surveys should you wish, to see how people got on with the content and take ideas for future improvements
  • Technical support, advance systems testing and comprehensive joining instructions included in a price that is generally lower than an equivalent face to face training.

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