Employee Assistance Programmes

CiC’s UK Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP), offers everyone in your organisation access to 24/7/365 independent and completely confidential support and advice via our EAP services.

Whatever the situation, improving employee engagement regarding their health and wellbeing is very important. Our EAP consultants, who are fully qualified counsellors or psychotherapists, will help clarify the issues that your employees are facing and, if appropriate, put them in touch with the expert help they need.

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Ad Hoc Referrals for Counselling

If you do not have a contract in place for EAP services with CiC yet, we would be delighted to support your organisation’s request for an ad hoc referral for counselling, critical incident support or other psychological services. CiC currently works with a network of over 1400 qualified and experienced counsellors throughout the UK.

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Critical Incident Support

Trauma can strike organisations in many different ways. From natural disasters to workplace fatalities, traffic accidents and personal bereavement, critical incidents can have a devastating impact both on individuals, their teams and their families. For this reason CiC offers a combination of rapid response, on-site intervention and longer-term clinical support.

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Support for Managers

Management can be a lonely business. Stuck between the needs of employees and the demands of their superiors, managers can often feel that they have nowhere to turn when they themselves need support. CiC’s Managerial Support services offer specialist resources for anyone in any kind of managerial or supervisory role.

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Whistleblowing Service

CiC’s confidential Whistleblowing Service enables employees to disclose organisational malpractice and communicate suspicious activity to trained counsellors through a safe and secure medium. The service offers your organisation protection from claims under governing laws such as the Public Interest Disclosure Act, and unethical practice.

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Specialist Cancer Support

One in three people are diagnosed with cancer during their lives. Shock, grief and fear are just some of the feelings they and their families must deal with. Such emotions are too painful to carry alone and specialist cancer counselling is one of the most helpful ways of finding help to carry the pain.

CiC’s Specialist Cancer counselling service can provide much needed support and assistance, either as an add-on to your UK Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) or as a standalone service.

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