If you do not have a contract in place for an Employee Assistance Programme with CiC yet, we would be delighted to support your organisation’s request for an ad hoc referral for EAP counselling, critical incident support, psychological or other workplace stress management services. CiC currently works with a network of over 1400 qualified and experienced counsellors throughout the UK.

We can also support your overseas staff and arrange help for local and ex pat employees in numerous global locations.

We believe that effective and speedy professional support for employees helps managers fulfil their duty of care as well as helping individuals. Ad hoc referrals in counselling are especially helpful following critical incidents, workplace trauma, performance issues and personal concerns that impact on employees’ wellbeing.

The following services are available on a one-off basis:

  • Individual counselling referrals on or off site
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Mediation
  • Group and individual absence management “Fit for Work”
  • Psychological Assessment and Report
  • On Site support for groups or individuals
  • Individual Specialist post trauma support such as EMDR
  • Professional support – for employees exposed to traumatic or disturbing material as part of their work
  • Longer term therapy
  • Domiciliary Visits
  • Mindfulness.


Using this service your employees can . . .

  • Access immediate support for work related and personal problems that might impact on the workplace
  • Be supported following a critical or traumatic workplace or personal incident
  • Have reassurance that the service is confidential, professional and independent
  • Experience first hand the value you the employer places on staff.


Using this service will mean your employees . . .

  • Are likely to experience reduced sickness absence
  • Feel more able to manage their personal response to emotional difficulties
  • Will learn coping strategies that will support them in the short and long term
  • Help them in their work and home life.

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