One in three people are diagnosed with cancer during their lives. Shock, grief and fear are just some of the feelings they and their families must deal with. Such emotions are too painful to carry alone and specialist cancer support and counselling for employees is one of the most helpful ways of finding help to carry the pain.

CiC’s Specialist Cancer counselling service can provide much needed support and assistance in dealing with the emotional trauma of cancer in the work place and cancer support for employees, either as an add-on to your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) or as a standalone service.


  • Nine sessions of telephone counselling
  • Crisis call support for those with a new diagnosis
  • Signposting to other resources such as Cancer Backup, Breast Cancer Care, Macmillan Nursing and hospices
  • Formal and informal referral dovetailed with HR procedures.


  • Management support for managers and teams
  • Experienced specialist counsellors
  • Bereavement counselling

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