Management can be a lonely business. Stuck between the needs of employees and the demands of their superiors, managers can often feel that they have nowhere to turn when they themselves need support. CiC’s Managerial Support services offer specialist resources for anyone in any kind of managerial or supervisory role.
Managers have to face difficult situations every day, scenarios that we deal with include: Delivering performance reviews, making staff redundant, resolving workplace conflict, balancing work and home life, devising realistic self-care strategies, breaking bad news, dealing with employees with addiction problems and coping with bereaved staff.


Using these services your organisation can . . .

  • Access training and support for managerial staff at all levels
  • Support managers through the process of addressing mental health issues within their teams, including referrals for counselling and consultancy related to longer term care
  • Access CiC’s Managerial Support Helpline to discuss sensitive situations with our senior clinicians, enabling managers to make more informed decisions
  • Access services such as Mediation and more, assisting in conflict resolution and other difficult situations.


Using these services will mean your organisation . . .

  • Will provide much-needed support for managers beyond policy and peer support
  • Will support managers new to their roles, helping them to develop over time into a more valuable resource for the organisation
  • Enables better on the ground management of staff, to help avoid the many negative results the impact of poor management decisions can have on your workforce.

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