CiC’s confidential Whistleblowing Service and Helpline enables employees to disclose organisational malpractice and communicate suspicious activity to trained counsellors through a safe and secure medium. The Whistleblower Service and Helpline  offers your organisation protection from claims under governing laws such as the Public Interest Disclosure Act, and unethical practice.
Most of your employees are ethical and honest. However, between 2% and 5% of an organisation’s turnover is lost to fraud – in addition to the costs of managing misconduct, unethical behaviour, falsification of records, sexual harassment and drug and alcohol misuse.
CiC’s comprehensive Whistleblowing Service and Helpline has been designed to work in partnership with an organisation’s existing Whistleblowing Policy and to receive and process confidential information on behalf of your organisation.
CiC’s Whistleblowing Service provides a cost-effective solution whether your focus is corporate governance, ethics, HR issues or profit protection.


  • Free 24/7 access via a secure, user-friendly, anonymous Whistleblowing website
  • Free 24/7 Whistleblowing helpline answered by qualified counsellors
  • Reports provided on a per-case basis
  • KPI/utilisation reports provided on a quarterly and annual basis.


  • Using this service will mean that your organisation can . . .
  • Ensure critical information reaches key people
  • Take appropriate action and rectify problems early
  • Maintain a positive reputation with staff and stakeholders (including regulators and the courts).

Using this service will mean your employees . . .

  • Can speak in confidence to a qualified counsellor trained in sensitive interview techniques
  • Receive a non-judgemental impartial response.

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